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They are sweet, they are cool, they are modern and fancy, they are FENSICE, invented and created by young designer and entrepreneur Desire Crnkovich.

Biography <3

My name is Desire Crnkovich. I was born in Zagreb in 1986 in a sign of cancer. I am very happy by nature, I love nature, romantic and I love everything that is modern and fancy and shopping is my passion!

I produce FENSICE and SWERLY, necklaces, bracelets and rings .

At the March 2010, I started my first fan page on Facebook. Now I have 2 fan pages which holds over 20,000 fans. I made a new brand of FENSICE and SWERLY. In addition, I present all the news on the WordPress site.

FENSICE are now a hit and it is a cute sheep that are dressed in modern and fancy clothing. Each has its own name and outfit :)

Every day I see on Facebook how much my fans, girls and women like FENSICE and crazy for them as I do. When they get them, the new owner takes them walking, to coffee, the sea, talking with them ... :) They love them as I do! <3